Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Caringbridge Update...

Below is the update that my Mom wrote for KC's caringbridge page.

We are gearing up to walk through the fire yet again with Mr. KC :(
He has been having some troubles for the last month or so and they continue to get worse in spite of Mommy's best efforts to slay the dragon that keeps bothering her boy.

Among the current issues are sleeplessness, extreme mood swings, biting, hitting and scratching himself and Mommy, stuttering, talking gibberish and then getting agitated that Mommy doesn't understand, lots of ear flapping and hitting himself in the head, irrational periods lasting from 5 to 30 minutes during which he needs to be restrained to keep him from hurting himself or the closest person to him, rigidness that is getting more consistent even to include a requirement that we enter in the same door we exited. Oh, and some seizing too! The list goes on but these are currently the major issues.

Poor KC and POOR Mommy! The fear surrounding what could be wrong this time and what uncovering what the problem is will entail, is overwhelming to us all. Frustration abounds, tears are flowing, and worrying is constant. 

Please pray that the wonderful doctors at the U of C will swiftly find out what the problem is and how to best solve it so our little boy can enjoy his life more consistently again.