Saturday, July 5, 2008

Genesis suspendes vaccines after an infant dies

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> Childhood vaccinations suspended at Genesis pediatric clinics
> Posted: July 2, 2008 09:19 PM
> Updated: July 3, 2008 02:55 AM
> Genesis suspends vaccines for children
> by Kia Carter
> QUAD CITIES -- Wednesday all Genesis Medical Center Pediatric Clinics
> suspended their use of childhood vaccines. The decision comes after a
> baby received routine vaccinations on Tuesday, then died several
> hours later at home. Genesis Health Group says its suspending
> pediatric vaccinations merely as a precaution until the cause of the
> baby's death can be determined.
> Tuesday morning a 4-month-old baby boy came to the Genesis East
> Pediatrics Clinic in Silvis for a routine checkup that included
> several vaccinations. The seemingly healthy baby boy was brought in
> for a "well baby" visit, that's a check up that includes routine
> vaccinations like pneumonia, and DPT, which is for diphtheria,
> pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus. Then Tuesday night his
> parents found him dead with no obvious cause for his death. Now all
> childhood vaccinations at Genesis clinics in Silvis, Bettendorf and
> Davenport have been temporarily suspended. A Genesis spokesman says
> hospital administration have no reason to believe the vaccines caused
> the baby's death, but they want to be overly cautious.
> "They'll be a coroner's examination of the baby and we'll get a
> report. At that time we'll most likely resume our vaccinations,
> because we don't think there was a link between them and the child
> passing," says Craig Cooper, Genesis Health Group spokesman.
> Genesis has also sent the batch of vaccines the boy received off to
> the Food and Drug Administration and to the makers of the vaccines
> for testing. This is the first time Genesis has ever suspended
> pediatric vaccinations at it's clinics. We'll continue to bring you
> the latest as Genesis finds answers.

I find it interesting how they suspended the vaccines, however deny that the vaccines had anything to do with a healthy baby suddenly dying.

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MomofaVaccineInjuredChild said...

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