Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't take her away....

Video by Angela Utley, Mother of a beautiful, vaccine injured child.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's not the actual vaccines, it's the perservatives!! Like I've been saying...

This is why I insist that the best way to vaccinate is to split the shots up! Individual doses equal less perservatives, which equals less chance of having a vaccine injured child. We CAN have the best of both worlds. We need to vaccinate, but we need to do it in the least harmful way. It's worth the hassle. It may save you and your child from a lifetime of heartache.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Genesis suspendes vaccines after an infant dies

> http://www.wqad. com/Global/ story.asp? S=8613656& nav=1sW7
> Childhood vaccinations suspended at Genesis pediatric clinics
> Posted: July 2, 2008 09:19 PM
> Updated: July 3, 2008 02:55 AM
> Genesis suspends vaccines for children
> by Kia Carter
> QUAD CITIES -- Wednesday all Genesis Medical Center Pediatric Clinics
> suspended their use of childhood vaccines. The decision comes after a
> baby received routine vaccinations on Tuesday, then died several
> hours later at home. Genesis Health Group says its suspending
> pediatric vaccinations merely as a precaution until the cause of the
> baby's death can be determined.
> Tuesday morning a 4-month-old baby boy came to the Genesis East
> Pediatrics Clinic in Silvis for a routine checkup that included
> several vaccinations. The seemingly healthy baby boy was brought in
> for a "well baby" visit, that's a check up that includes routine
> vaccinations like pneumonia, and DPT, which is for diphtheria,
> pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus. Then Tuesday night his
> parents found him dead with no obvious cause for his death. Now all
> childhood vaccinations at Genesis clinics in Silvis, Bettendorf and
> Davenport have been temporarily suspended. A Genesis spokesman says
> hospital administration have no reason to believe the vaccines caused
> the baby's death, but they want to be overly cautious.
> "They'll be a coroner's examination of the baby and we'll get a
> report. At that time we'll most likely resume our vaccinations,
> because we don't think there was a link between them and the child
> passing," says Craig Cooper, Genesis Health Group spokesman.
> Genesis has also sent the batch of vaccines the boy received off to
> the Food and Drug Administration and to the makers of the vaccines
> for testing. This is the first time Genesis has ever suspended
> pediatric vaccinations at it's clinics. We'll continue to bring you
> the latest as Genesis finds answers.

I find it interesting how they suspended the vaccines, however deny that the vaccines had anything to do with a healthy baby suddenly dying.