Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun, seizures, and other significant happenings...

I have learned that a weekend of fun with seizures, is still a weekend of fun! We took KC to Key Lime Cove, which is a resort near Gurnee that has an indoor water park. Let me rephrase that...a HUGE indoor water park, which KC happened to LOVE!!

Lets rewind a bit to before we even got there. We told KC about a week in advance that we were going to to the waterpark and he got ridicilously excited . 

But he was able to understand that we were not going today, and that we would have to wait until next week. He understood!! This is huge. We used to have to wait until it was time to leave to tell him anything, otherwise he would flip out.

Instead, we got to experience a week of excitement with him. Watching the video on the computer of what it looks like, counting down days, etc. Until that day finally arrived, and the first thing he said is "today means key lime cove?" It felt so good to be able to say yes!

He loved the big waterslides, and as far as KC is concerned, the bigger and faster, the better.

The Lazy river was fun too...

We all had a blast, KC, me, Ree (Grandma) and Uncle Kevin. When KC made a weird face, or funny movements, we all tried to avoid eye contact with each other. We didn't want to notice the seizures during all the fun.

But they were there, in overdrive. Mostly due to overstimulation, I think. But I tried not to worry because our hearts, each one of them, needed this break from the daily heartbreak. And because I think if KC could communicate this to us, he would tell us he wants to have fun and forget about the seizures for now. Fun now, worry later.

So that is what we did.

In the midst of the fun we were having, we ran into the Easter Bunny hanging out in our hotel! KC loves the Easter Bunny and got his much anticipated high five from him.

We all slept in one hotel room, which made KC so happy. The first thing he said when he woke up was "What day it is today?" Ree-"Its Sunday" KC, in a sweet, just woke up but super excited voice "Its a my uncle Kevin here day?" Uncle Kevin-heart melts and he opens his bedcovers for KC to crawl in :)

After more swimming fun, and a long ride home I realized that the seizures would be here on Monday, but those moments would be memories not to be had again. So I am glad I decided that a weekend of fun and seizures is still a weekend of great fun!

See you next year (hopefully) Key Lime Cove. We will be there, and seizures or no seizures, we will be ready for a great time!

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