Friday, April 15, 2011

Angry, and a little sad

It is frusterating to have to deal with school physicals, and doctors who insist that catching KC up on his vaccines will be the right thing to do. Its what I should do...if I want to protect my son. Or so I am told.. But wait, I have let you guys help me "protect" my son before...and look where it got me! I can't take any more of that kind of help. We are full to the brim with problems as it is.

This may be right for some people, but not for me. Not for my son. I don't understand why people would want me to do something to my son if I know that something will negatively affect his development. The very development we so carefully nurture and mold each day. It seems a bit backwards to me, that someone wants to take that away. And then I am the crazy one for not wanting to do it! Sorry, we see things differently, but its my son at the end of your needle. Stay the fuck awaw.

I don't disrespect people who vaccinate. It might be the right thing for you and your child. But its not right for me and mine. And thats ok. For most of us that is. Its ok to disagree, and to think different things are right for different children. Often times they are. Just please don't think I am crazy. I am crazy only in the sense that I am crazy about KC.

The kind of crazy, in fact, that leads me to defend my position to want to keep him as safe as possible. Not too crazy though...I only love him more than any human being could love another human being. Thats it : )

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Arica G. said...

You know, I have no idea if it's right or wrong for you or anybody else to vaccinate their kid. I'm not a parent so quite frankly I'm busy worrying about whether or not to vaccinate my dogs(and I believe you would find my decisions quite interesting) not the children I don't have. However, being a staunch patriot, when push comes to shove, THIS IS AMERICA! KC is YOUR child and you have the right (within reason, obviously!) to make any medical decision you deem appropriate! So, I totally agree with you; these people need to back the fuck up off!