Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No more research...

The government released a policy statement last week stating that there would be no more funding allowed to research the possible link between vaccinations and autism. It's interesting to me how this comes in the wake of the first court case in which the courts conceded that there WAS a link in one paticular case between the vaccines the girl received and her autism. The powers that be argue that this does NOT mean that vaccines cause autism. My questions is, if they contributed to the regression, does it really matter if the vaccines were not 100% to blame? Is it really even about blame? The CDC, and government keeps crying "It's not our fault...it's not the vaccine's fault." I want to scream...it's not about fault! It's not about blame! It's about making vaccines safer. No matter the reason. To stop researching now is just a slap in the face to all of the parents out there who have THEIR science and research in their homes, autistic, suffering. How many "casualties" must we have before we stop waging war against the parents of vaccine injured kids, and start working with them.

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