Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rally

Relief. Anger. Hope. Devastation. Wow. These are just a few words to try to describe a moment in my life that is truly indescribable. The Green Our Vaccines Rally in Washington DC on June 4th was one of the most amazing events that I have ever participated in. Thousands and thousands of parents gathered in honor of their vaccine injured children in order to make a statement to the CDC and the government that the current vaccine schedule is Too Many Too Soon for our kids. It was amazing to gather with so many parents who know what kind of road that I have been traveling since KC was diagnosed with IS. Most of the kids are autistic, so it's a bit different, but it's the same in the fact that we KNOW that it was a vaccine reaction that hurt our kids, and we spend so much time screaming that at the top of our lungs, but all too often our voices go unheard. With each and every parent that I saw, I felt a bond. When we gathered at the capital, I could not help but cry. The song Not Ready to Back Down, by the Dixie Chicks was playing over the speakers, as thousands of people stood, clutching to pictures of their beautiful, vaccine damaged children. It was absolutely devastating to see so many families that have been affected. And it was utterly amazing to know, that even for just one day, our voices would be heard. I put my son on my shoulders and danced as the tears swam in my eyes. I saw signs made by parents with pictures of their children before vaccines, and after. It was as if someone took the very soul out of them. One mother said it best. The pic of her son smiling with light in his eyes was titled "What God Made". The next pic was her son, glazed look in his eyes, hands floppy, was titled "What Man Made."
There were several keynote speakers, including Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Jay Gordon, Jim Carey, and Jenny Mcarthy. The facts discussed were ones that I have heard before, but it never ceases to amaze me. For instance, the children who are diagnosed with Autism often RECOVER or regain many skills when they are treated for heavy metal poisoning. Yet the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) does not recognize this as a form of treatment for Autism. In 2001 the CDC claimed to have removed all mercury (thermosal) from vaccines, and since the autism rate has not gone down, they believe that this is plenty of evidence that vaccines do not trigger Autism, therefore no more research is done. They fail to mention that by "removal" of mercury, they mean "less" mercury, and what they call trace amounts is actually toxic if eaten in fish or drinking water! At the time of the mercury "removal" there was a change in the process for reporting Autism. It became mandatory to report cases of Autism spectrum disorders, therefore the statistics that we are relying on to protect our children are not consistent! A child receives the same dose of a vaccine at 8lb that a man does at 200lb. As many as 75% if SID's cases occur within one week of vaccinations.
I could go on and on. And I will. I will continue posting info as often as I can. Please watch the video's of the rally that I have on my page, or just go to You tube and search Green Our Vaccines. Again, this is NOT an anti vaccine group. It is a group promoting safer vaccines.
At this point, the biggest tragedy that I can see in the future is those Mothers who see this info, read about the rally, or in some other way are warned about vaccine dangers, but ignores it and her child becomes damaged. She will never forgive herself. Trust me on this. This is something that will hurt in ways you never imagined. And it never goes away. Open your mind, and research all sides of this issue before forming your opinion. And above all, listen to your heart.


baby trevor's mommy said...

I am SO proud of you...your passion! Your words. Your love. Your spirit & fight! It's a beautiful thing to watch a mommy love her child like you do KC. And to then fight on behalf of other children!

I feel the same way with Trevor. But you know that...


I'm proud of you! For whatever that's worth! *wink*


MomofaVaccineInjuredChild said...

Wow I am so honored to be on your page. You are such a blessing. I am the mother of a vaccine injured child. My name is Angela Utley. You can find me on
I have other poems -you may have to go through my archives though. I made a video on green the vaccines. I like using black and white pictures. The video is also on my blog and my myspace page. I love your passion also. Do not stop projecting your voice. We are history in the making. I look forward to talking with you and others as well. Angela Utley Mother of a Vaccine Injured Child