Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just thought you might like to know...

After a few emails back and forth, this is part of my response to someone whom I love dearly who likes to play "devil's advocate" with me on the vaccine issue. Some of you might be suprised at my feelings on this subject, but this is truly how I feel.

... Not for the point of arguing, but so you can understand why I cannot stop defending my position on this. This is not just "some cause" for me. This is about my child. IF KC never had IS, I can guarantee you that I would not have the views or knowledge that I do about vaccines. I wish I didn't have to argue this. I wish I was blissfully ignorant like most parents, but I don't have that option. I watched my son go through hell, and then learned that way to many other families have had the same experience, and I just cannot go backwards now. Unfortunately, most people who fight for this particular cause have experienced the horror of vaccinating their child, and watching them change. Weather it be seizing like KC, regressing into autism, or becoming permanently disabled, It's not like we pick and choose a cause or two out of a hat and say, well I think I'll fight for this. It's not like that. At least not with this. If that was the case I would take my choice and put it back in the hat and forget I ever heard the words "vaccine safety." But I can't do that, so I do what I can to share what I know with the people who want to hear it. But please don't ever think I chose this over what some might view as a more important cause. I'm just a mom who held down her screaming six month old baby so he could be given routine vaccines, and ended up with a living, breathing, nightmare. This is the only way I can find it in myself to live with what happened. I mean it when I say this...please forgive me for being less than kind in my response to you. My intention is never to offend, irritate, or hurt you. I am simply trying to deal with my own pain and move on in the only way I know how.


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